Americans Work Harder Than Workers In Most Other Countries

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

MOST Americans enjoyed the day off yesterday to honor Labor Day and apparently, we deserved it!!

According to a new report by NationalToday — While other countries may consider us “Lazy Americans,” we actually work harder than people in other parts of the world.

According to stats, Americans put in more time than folks in other countries, including Japan AND the UK, where Americans workers put in 137 and 260 more hours per year. And that’s not all. And, let’s not get started on the French. The report finds U.S. workers put in about 500 more hours of work a year than those in France.

Of course, because we work so hard, many folks really did spend Labor Day relaxing and enjoying themselves. In fact, the survey by NationalToday also found that two thirds of Americans either hosted or attended a barbecue. Outdoor festivities were more popular in the East, although a majority of folks in every part of the country did attend a barbecue.

As for what they ate, the top choices included burgers, dogs, chicken and steak!

Source: New York Post

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