Kenny Chesney Helps Teens Reunite with Mom After Hurricane Irma

By Scott T. Sterling

Country star Kenny Chesney continues to do his part to help provide relief from Hurricane Irma’s devastation. This time it was by helping a pair of teen brothers reunite with their mother after their home on the island of St. Johns was destroyed.

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Jah-Haile Bruce and Jahbioseh Bruce survived the storm on the floor of a bathroom shower as the hurricane raged through the house.

“Five minutes later the roof just ripped off our head,” Jah-Haile told CNN of their harrowing ordeal.

“That’s the moment where I was terrified because I felt like Irma was a spirit,” added brother Jahbioseh. “I felt like I saw the hand grab the roof, squeeze it and throw it off into the wind. It was crazy.”

Catching a boat sent to pick up evacuees after the hurricane, the brothers found their way to St. Croix, in hope of catching a flight to Philadelphia to meet up with their mother.

With no commercial flights available, Chesney stepped in, flying the teens to Philadelphia on his private jet. Albeit anonymously.

CNN did some digging to find out that it was indeed Chesney who provided the private flight for the teens, who were beyond grateful. “I don’t even know what to say, but thank you,” Jah-Haile told the CNN reporter.

Chesney’s heartfelt good deed follows the singer’s recent formation of the Love for Love City Foundation, started to provide disaster relief for both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

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