Help Holly Hutton Build Her Ideal Kitchen

Holly Hutton here — I hope you have been following along with me as I work with the KSI Kitchen and bath design team to build my ideal kitchen.

Last week we went through the Discovery stage.  In this stage, the KSI design team really digs in and wants to know about your needs and wants.

They want to know about your lifestyle.  How do you entertain? How many cooks in the kitchen? They take the time to uncover your “must have” items, explore your wish list.

They want to know about all of this so that their design team can ensure the design they create with you will work for your family and fit your needs.  During this process last week we really spent time looking at cabinets.  There are so many amazing styles and designs, but I really liked the stained maple that had a great look and feel to it.  There was also pretty shaker cabinet in a midnight blue.

I couldn’t decide, they all fit my taste!  I have shared them above.  What are your thoughts?  I need your help, give me your feedback!

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