Starbucks Releases Whiskey Flavored Coffee

By Nathan Vicar

(WYCD) — It’s not Irish coffee, but it’s apparently the next best thing.

Starbucks has debuted its new whiskey-flavored coffee at select Starbucks Reserve Bars across the country.

There is one catch. There is no booze in the coffee.

It’s made by placing unroasted Indonesian coffee beans in empty barrels that once had aged whiskey inside.

Company officials say this allows the beans to soak the flavor.

Starbucks will open a Reserve Bar in Birmingham on Friday, Sept. 29.  It will occupy the former Cosi space at 101 N. Old Woodard, on the corner of Maple Street.

According to Starbucks, the Reserve Bar is designed to appeal the third wave of coffee drinkers — featuring pour overs, nitro cold brew taps, small-batch coffees and upscale new specialty drinks, in addition to the shop’s regular menu items.


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