French Restaurant Bans Cell Phones

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

If you make reservations at The Petit Jardin restaurant in southern France, it’s probably best just to leave your phone at home. Owner Hean-Noël Fluery has banned the use of cell phones at his tables.

In order to enforce the rule, Fluery has implanted a carding system. Waiters will blow a whistle and show a yellow card to someone caught using their phone. If they do it again, they’re given a red card and will be asked to leave the restaurant.

“Some have refused to put down their phones and said they don’t like the rule and have left,” the owner admits. “I don’t mind, I’d rather people like that eat in another restaurant – there are three in the village. If they are in a bad mood or grumpy they should go. We explain the rules to them all when they come in. People accept having to turn their phones off when they go to the cinema or the theatre so why not restaurants?”

Fluery has also banned ketchup and Coca-Cola from his restaurant. His reasoning? He wants to promote local items. The owner says they have condiments to replace ketchup and sweet drinks to replace the soda.

Source: The Local 

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