Carly Pearce, Ryan Hurd, WWE, Tom Petty & More in ‘Weekend Celebrity Wrap Up’ [Video]

Author: Roxanne Steele

Country music has a new female superstar in Carly Pearce.  Her debut album, Every Little Thing drops this Friday the 13th and Carly had a moment on stage taking it all in.

Ryan Hurd is another new artist enjoying his  new found success as an artist.  He’s been a successful songwriter for a few years in Nashville. This weekend Hurd had a moment too when the crowd sang back to him his debut single, Love in a Bar.

The WWE was in town this weekend where this moment happened at Little Caesars Arena!

Brett Eldredge melts us again playing and singing with his dog Edgar.

It was a tough weekend for Michigan and here’s how the team summed it up.

Congrats to Michigan State for their big upset at the big house!

The Florida Gators and the entire stadium paid tribute to Tom Petty in his hometown of Gainesville.

Saturday night Jason Aldean surprised SNL and stood tall and strong remembering the victims in Las Vegas along with Tom Petty. What a moment!

What was your favorite moment from the weekend?

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