#MeToo Plastered Across Social Media Platforms to Raise Awareness on Sexual Harresment

Author: Roxanne Steele

By: Roxanne Steele

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations, so many actors in Hollywood are coming forward with their stories of misconduct.  It’s brave for anyone to tell their truth, and overwhelming how many stories are out there.

Last night on Facebook I saw one of my friends put the hashtag #MeToo up with no other words.  I was curious what that meant and then I saw the movement.

#MeToo is being posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a way to express that they, too, have been victims of sexual harassment.  It all started when actress Alyssa Milano tweeted this.

So when you see the #MeToo now you know what this is all about.  As a woman who’s been through so much, it’s unfortunate that I am a victim too.  #MeToo

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