Dustin Lynch Eats All His Favorite Foods In October

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Dustin Lynch tries to stay in shape while he’s out on the road, but that doesn’t always work out in his favor. For the past few years, he has referred to October as his “fat month” because he always finds himself indulging in meals that don’t fit into his diet around this time of year.

So, what’s his go-to? “I love Italian food. I love Italian food. I love desserts. I love cheesecake and ice cream. It’s kind of my go-to. October’s my fat month, and it’s a terrible idea because the CMA Awards are like the first of November, so I need to move that until post-CMAs, I think.”

Dustin has most of this month off, so he’s sure to sit back, relax, and eat some of his favorite food before hitting the road on his The Ride or Die tour next month.

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