#PumpkinButt is Trending with Parents on Instagram

Author: Rob Stone

By: Rob Stone

It’s fall, and that means apples, pumpkin-spice flavored things, and of course pumpkins. A new trend sees parents painting their babies’ butts to look like pumpkins and posting the photos on Instagram. The festive photos are hashtagged with #pumpkinbutt and have the internet divided. Mom blogger Gina Fenton of Extreme Mom wrote in a post, “Say no to pumpkin butts! Babies are not chalk boards are blank canvases, for God’s sake.” Still, others have shared the images with one person writing, “Omg! This is the cutest thing ever.”

I say if you’re a parent thinking about painting your baby and posting it on the internet for the world to see, think about if your baby could talk. If you were to ask your kid permission to do this ridiculous trend, would they say yes? I’m about 99% sure the answer would be helllllllll nooooooo!!!

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