Trisha Yearwood’s Costume Just Won Halloween

By Nathan Vicar

(WYCD) — The term “couple’s costume” usually means dressing up with your significant other.

But Trisha Yearwood took it different: She dressed up as her significant other of nearly 12 years.

Take a look at Trisha — er, Garth Brooks, in all her, uh, his glory.

The country star turned chef Instagrammed her costume ahead of her Halloween special of “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.”

Yearwood wore (and perhaps) borrowed a black and white shirt, similar to the one he wore for the cover of his 1992 album The Chase, completing the look with a headset mic, blue jeans, fake facial hair, and of course, a black cowboy hat.

She was joined by her friend, hairstylist Glenda Martin, who wore a curly blonde wig and brown blazer, acting as Yearwood.



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