See What Having Kids Does to Your Face in These Side by Side Pics!

Author: Rob Stone

By: Rob Stone

I don’t have kids, but I will say I don’t think this new trend online would change my mind. People are starting a new hashtag that’s starting to trend called #GotToddlered. Parents are posting side by side photos. One before kids and one after, to show the effects of having children on your face. BUT, it’s kind of dumb because most pics are about 10 years apart. Obviously you don’t look as good as you did 10 years ago, kids or no kids.

Also most women who are posting pics are posting a before pic with makeup and an after without makeup. I’m willing to bet anyone without kids could do the same thing with the same results, so it’s really not cool because it portrays having kids as a negative thing.

What do you think?

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