Brantley Gilbert Drives His Wife Crazy By Leaving Water Bottles Everywhere

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Brantley Gilbert has been married to his wife Amber for a little over two years, and while they are madly in love, Brantley knows there are things he does that drive his wife crazy.  One thing he says he knows aggravates her is, “I leave water bottles everywhere. They’re like water bottles laying around with like one sip in them. I’ll take one sip out of a water bottle and leave it laying there for a week.”

While Brantley will be dealing with bottles of a different kind when his baby boy arrives next month, he explains why he has such a bad habit of leaving his water bottles everywhere.  He says, “I think what it is, is she drinks water a lot and I think if I see a water bottle out on the counter I just assume it’s hers. I don’t know, but that pisses her off. She don’t like that at all.”

Hopefully Brantley is learning how to keep track of his water bottles while he’s spending an extended period of time at home while he awaits the arrival of his first child.  While he’s done touring for the year he’s staying close to the house and watching his latest single, “The Ones That Like Me”

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