Darius Rucker Tells Us “When Was The Last Time” He Got Pulled Over

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Darius Rucker joined Chuck, Rachael and Grunwald this morning to talk about his new album, When Was The Last Time. His first single, For The First Time, is quickly rising the charts and should be another #1 record for Darius.

The title of the album is a perfect time to get to know more about Darius and find out “When Was The Last Time.” When was the last time he got pulled over? Darius says, “It was two weeks ago. I was speeding. It went from 65 to 45 (mph) and I was going 70.” Good thing for him, the police officer let him off with a warning.

We also had to find out, when was the last time Darius caught one of his children doing something bad? Darius responded, “They’re pretty good kids. The 16 year old, she is at that age when you catch her doing something that’s not cool and you have to let her know.” Darius says that his wife is the disciplinarian and that if dad has to discipline you, you know it’s bad.


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