Website Sells Sexy Fidget Spinner Costume For Halloween

By Nathan Vicar

(WYCD) — You can run and you can hide, but in 2017 you could not avoid the massive hype that is the fidget spinner.

And while it’s not exactly a traditional sort of costume, it’s somehow being replicated for Halloween.

Introduction the sexy fidget spinner costume by Dolls Kill.

(Source: Dolls Kill)

The costume features remnants of a of a silver leotard, with cutouts in the mid-drift and back.  It also has two cheap plastic things that look like fidget spinners placed over each breast.

“Dolls Kill Fidget Me Spinner Costume cuz they can’t put ya down. This addicting costume includes a silver cut-out bodysuit with black spinners over your girlz. Complete your look with some black thigh-high boots and they won’t be able to get enough of ya!” the description reads.

The costume is currently being sold for $38.  Fidget spinner does not appear to be included.

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