Blake Shelton Sings About Gwen Stefani On New Album

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Blake Shelton’s new album, “Texoma Shore,” is set to drop November 3rd and we shouldn’t be too surprised that there’s at least one song on the album about his girlfriend Gwen Stefani. 

The track “Turnin’ Me On,” which Blake co-wrote with Jessi Alexanderand Josh Osborne, even has a shout out to Gwen’s signature “Revlon red” lipstick color.

“Knows how to set me on fire / she’s always holdin’ the match / And when my body’s beside hers / there ain’t no turnin’ back,” Blake sings. “She’s Revlon red in the blackest night / lighting up the room in the world just like she’s turnin’ me on.”

In the tune Blake also sings that Gwen’s “kisses taste like whiskey,” adding “If I’m what she wants, she gets what she wants.”

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