How Old is Too Old to go Trick or Treating?

Author: Rob Stone

By: Rob Stone

If I remember correctly, I stopped going door to door “trick or treating” when I was about 14, but then some friends talked me into going again when I was 16. I definitely remember feeling awkward and too old to be asking people for candy. I guess it’s all about how you feel, but one place is making it illegal to trick or treat after a certain age!

This new bylaw in New Brunswick bans anyone over the age of 16 from going door-to-door on Oct. 31st and any trick-or-treating must stop at 8 p.m. If anyone is found to be breaking the bylaw then they can face a fine of up to $200. “Most kids end up stopping [trick-or-treating] somewhere between 12 and 16 years old,” parenting expert Gail Bell said.

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