Senior Citizen Keeps Getting Tattoos

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

Lily Hutchinson is a bad ass. The 93-year-old woman got her first tattoo when she was 80 and hasn’t stopped getting fresh ink since.

Her first tattoo was a hummingbird floating atop a lily, a nod to her name, and since then Lily has added initials for family members and the logos of the three colleges her grandchildren attended.

Lily’s habit isn’t sending her into debt, though. The State College, Pennsylvania shop she goes to doesn’t charge her. “She was eccentric,” shop owner Justin Sellers explains, “and we like old people that still like to have a good time.”

Despite doctors’ warning that she should slow down with the ink, Lily has no plans on stopping. “She’s inspirational for sure,” Sellers adds. “I hope to never get lame.”

Source: Daily Collegian 

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