Kane Brown Is About To Become A Model

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Kane Brown is one of country music’s hottest newcomers, but he has a second career in the works. “I’m about to be a model. So, that’s what we’re going into right now. I had my first modeling shoot a couple months ago for my audition, and I guess we passed because they asked us to come back and do more. So, right now, I just love clothes, and I love shoes, so I’m just trying to get into the branding thing.”

Kane recently bought his first pair of Yeezy tennis shoes. The brand is by Kanye West and can cost more than $1000 a pair. While Kane’s fiance isn’t a big fan of his modeling career, she says as long as he’s not modeling with another girl all over him, she deals with it. Models usually have a very strict diet and workout regiment but Kane says he doesn’t eat right or work out. His physique just comes naturally.

Kane will hit the road with Chris Young on his Losing Sleep tour next year.

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