Blake Shelton Makes 89-Year-Old's 'Bucket List' Dream Come TrueThis was one of the MOST heartwarming moments we have ever witnessed! Only thing bigger than Blake Shelton's country music career is his HUGE heart!
What's Next On Miranda Lambert's Bucket List?
Terminally Ill Dad Fulfills His 'Bucket List Blessing' For Daughters!Fred Evans had given away one of his three daughters at the altar, but after being diagnosed with metastatic melanoma he was afraid he wouldn't be around when Gracie and Kate were ready for their weddings. So he booked booked a church for a surprise ceremony earlier this summer...
Top 10: Things To Do Before "The End Of The World” As The Mayan Calendar ReadsDecember 21st is coming up quick and according to the Mayan Calendar it is the end of the world. Here is my Michigander friendly Top 10 list of things to do before the world ends!
Linda Lee's Super Special Family 'Road Trip' To Onaway To Fulfill Dad's 'Bucket List' Dream!When our 90 year old Dad told us that he had a 'bucket list dream,' which was to be 'the 90 year old World War II Veteran" in his hometown of Onaway 4th of July Parade...we wanted to make sure that his 'dream' would become a reality! So our family 'road trip' to Onaway was a super special family trip to say the least! John Young was born and raised in the small northern town of Onaway, and that is where he met and married Josephine, his wife of over 50 years too! So we hopped into our 'hotel on wheels' from General RV and headed to the Onaway State Park on Black Lake for this trip that our family will never forget! The Sunrise Cable Network in Onaway did a TV special about Dad too....check it out here!
[Video] Skydiving Thrill For 80-Year-Old Goes Very Wrong!Thanks to all the great medical advances, people are living longer and enjoying good health well into their 80's! My father-in-law just turned 90 this past February and he is still going strong, is doing well both mentally and physically! He told us just before his 90th birthday that he had a 'bucket list' which included learning how to play the piano, and participating in his northern Michigan hometown of Onaway, in their annual 4th of July parade! He wants to be 'the 90 year old World War 2 veteran' in that parade, so of course we plan to make that happen! Thanks goodness 'skydiving' was not on his bucket list like this 80 year old lady...
You Are Never Too Young To Have A 'Bucket List'
'Green' Gets The Creative Juices Flowing!If you’re stumped, think green. Yup, Kermit's favorite color may actually get our creative juices flowing, according to a recent study. The study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin asked 69 men and women to take two minutes to come up with as many uses for a tin can as they could. Before the time started, half the group was shown a white rectangle, and the other half a green one. After the two minutes, a trained coder rated each idea for its creativity. The findings? Participants who saw green before the test came up with the more interesting, imaginative answers. Coincidence that money is green?
Kix Brooks Makes A 'Dream Come True' For A Very Special Lady
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