Biggest Relationship Killer: Your Cell Phone!What's wrong with this picture? If you DON'T know: You really need to read this!
The One Phone Feature You Can't Live Without?Our phones are no longer used to just make a phone call, or text. They have become our new 'right hand' where we can virtually do just about anything with just a phone! It's gotten to the point where we really do not even need to have a computer anymore, or a camera, or a video camera. The tiny little smart phones most of us have today do it all! If you had to give up all but one feature available on your smart phone, what's the one feature you simply cannot live without?
Learn & Teach 'Polite Digital Etiquette!' We have become a nation of cell phone addicts. Everyone has one, and everywhere you go you will see people who seem oblivious to the world around them, as they focus solely on their phone! Here are a few suggestions for better digital manners in 2014, things you can learn and teach your kids too right from the start when they get their first cell phone!
Chances Are That YOU Are An Annoying 'Phubber!'There are few things in life that are more irritating. You are mid-conversation with a friend and they check their phone and begin replying to a text or checking their emails. People everywhere are beginning to lose patience with the phenomenon known as phubbing: which is snubbing others in a social setting by checking your phone.
Is Your Cell Phone Making You Ugly?
Rude Annoying Behavior We Can't Stop Doing!This my biggest pet peeve so I try not to do this myself! It may be rude, annoying and even dangerous but it seems some people just can’t put down their smartphones. Nearly one third of adults admitted using their phone in a movie theater or on a dinner date. One in five said they used their phone in church and one in 10 even admitted checking it in the shower! Are YOU guilty of doing this?
'Top 3 Status Symbols' In 2013Back when my Mom was a kid, she tells me that having a television set in your home was the biggest 'status symbol.' When I was growing up, our family was pretty popular in the neighborhood, and I think that having a pool in our backyard was somewhat of a 'status symbol' too! Things are much different today, with a recent study finding an eclectic mix of items used to judge success and wealth in 2013. Here are the 'top 3 status symbols' in 2013 and also the FIRST thing that people use to 'gauge your status' these days.
Middle Schoolers Using Cell Phones For More Than Texting!I would be willing to bet that your middle school aged child has been driving you crazy, asking for their own 'smart-phone' for Christmas, if they don't already have one! Every kid will beg and plead and say stuff like, "But Mom, EVERYONE at school has one, and it will help me in school too!" And guess what? A new survey finds that about a third of middle-schoolers DO now use smart phones or tablets for homework!
Cell Phone Etiquette Tips A cellphone may not only cause problems with loved ones or friends, but a new small study suggests it can actually get in the way of forming new relationships. Even the mere presence of a cell phone on the table can have a negative effect on a face-to-face conversation, according to research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Researchers found that a cellphone could get in the way of building intimacy in a relationship while putting your phone away could communicate you're really tuned in. Mobile phones may draw your attention away from social interactions in the present to conversations they could be having if they used their phones. Here are some pretty good 'cell phone etiquette tips'....
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