Dream Job Alert: Cadbury is Looking for Professional Chocolate TastersIf you are a self-proclaimed chocoholic, Cadbury has the job you've been feening for all your chocolate loving life!
11 Exotic Chocolates for a Sweeter EasterFancy some Pop Rocks Truffles or an Enchanted Mushroom? We found 11 exotic chocolate treats to make your Easter even tastier.
Dangerous Easter No-No's With Pets In The House!If you have pets and plan to do some Easter stuff this week, remember that Easter decorations, candy and pets don't mix! Veterinarians say the shiny grass typically used to decorate Easter baskets shouldn't be used because pets sometimes try to eat it and can't digest it. The blades can get stuck internally and cause a blockage in the intestinal tract. Other things to keep out of reach of pets include...
Do You Have A 'Guilty Pleasure?'It’s hard to imagine a beautiful actress or gorgeous actor pigging out on fast food or digging into a decadent dessert. But celebrities are human — and they do step away from their strict diets every now and then to nibble on French fries or crunch on candy. My guilty pleasure used to be peanut M&M's, but after getting really sick, I am no longer allowed to have nuts, seeds or corn. That's OK though, because I am still able to have ice cream, my second favorite 'dietary downfall!' What is your guilty pleasure?
A Picture Is All It Takes To Set You Into 'Binge Mode'Well maybe this explains why sometime I get an overwhelming urge to stop on the way home from work and get some sort of dessert, like cake, chocolate or ice cream for our after dinner treat !Just glancing at a photo of a rich and gooey chocolate cake can set your brain circuits sparking. Researchers found that when people stare at sugary treats, regions of the brain known to be involved in appetite control and pleasure and reward light up.
Want To Join A Chocolate Club?While I have tried to cut back on my alcohol intake and my caloric intake because I want to be healthier, the one thing that I still have a weakness for is chocolate! Everything about it is amazing. And after I saw that a group of people in France of a chocolate tasting club, I knew I wanted to move to France! Not only are they eating chocolate because it's tasty, but because it has many benefits!
Good News If You Love Chocolate!Sweet news! If you consume moderate amounts of chocolate more frequently then you are thinner than those who eat it less often, according to a new study. If you are a chocolate lover like me...this is music to our ears! I'm not gonna lie, I keep Dove chocolate in my nightstand, and everyone who knows me knows where to look if they are 'jonesing for a goodie!' Now that I know this is actually good for me, I think I will enjoy my bedtime chocolate even more!
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