How Much Should You Tip?
The Downfall Of Stress
Is There A 'Proper' Handshake?Not just in business, but growing up in the south, a "proper" handshake is something that was very important. It wasn't about establishing dominance, but just a sign of respect for someone else. But after years of shaking hands, I am no longer convinced that a handshake tells THAT much about somebody. But I do think there is still a certain way to shake hands correctly. Do you have a "proper" handshake?
Make Some Sunday Brunch DoughnutsThe other day, I found a tasty Sunday brunch egg recipe that I will be making this weekend, but that's not the only thing I will be making. While the egg recipe was a little spicy and a little salty, I thought I'd make a super easy sweet recipe. And thanks to Fabio with Chow Ciao, I will be making the "ultimate doughnut." And thanks to Fabio's easy recipe, you can make them for your family, too.
Is This Burger Ad Too Racy?
Does Your Computer Have A Virus?While computers are very useful and a great piece of technology to have, however, there are a few things wrong with it. The main thing I hate about computers is when they run slow. I think it's because I have gotten so dependent on my computer, I feel wronged when my computer fails me. I found out one of the biggest problems could be a virus I don't even know about it. I have found a few great tips when it comes to finding out if you have a virus.
A Not So Simple WeddingWhen I took my now-wife, Casey, to Hawaii to get married, I had to put something up my sleeves. While Hawaii is not really on the simple list when it comes to weddings, or at least so you would think. Weddings in Hawaii are not only very simple, but it's an easy way to have less people involved in the wedding if you really don't want to deal with everyone in your family. But this wedding that I saw was anything but simple!
Is Trace Adkins Nude Again?!While I love everything about Twitter. I just find it weird when celebrities get a little too personal. Surprisingly, Trace Adkins is one of those people. Not only has he Tweeted a picture of himself with an open hospital gown, and a picture of his sausage. But Trace just Tweeted out a picture of him singing in the nude!
What Female Country Start Got Frisky With Another Girl?Usually it's starts of The Jersey Shore that surprises fans with doing things they usually don't do. One female country star got a little frisky with another woman while on vacation with her husband! Do you know who it is?
When Do You Get Your Oil Changed?Since I have been driving, I have been a stickler on changing my oil every 3,000 miles. Sometimes I do it even sooner. Now, many experts say that it's not necessary to do it every 3,000 miles. With the report of being able to wait longer than 3,000 miles, I wondered exactly why that changed. Here is why:
Have You Done Your Taxes Yet? Tuesday, April 17 is just around the corner. And if you haven't filed your taxes yet, you better get cookin' because it will be here before you know it. In years past, I always waited until the last minute. And this year I went at it early, and I actually found a few things I could write off that I didn't think about. There are a ton of extra things you can write off on your taxes that you may not think about, however, there are things you should never try writing off!
Retirement Home Gets A Boost From iPods!Most people think that all the elderly do at a retirement home is play cards, do puzzles and gossip. OK, while that may go on, retirement homes are getting a little needed pick me up. While you might think iPods are mainly for young kids and adults on the go, however, grandma and grandpa love them too!

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