Who's Smarter? Dogs or Cats? Science Finally Has the Answer!Could this finally end the debate of who's the better animal?
Another Reason Dogs Are Better Than Cats!Do you agree with this new study or not? See more here...
Thomas Rhett Sings To His Dogs About Treats [VIDEO]Thomas Rhett serenades his dogs before giving them a treat.
Kate Upton Wants THIS But Justin Verlander is 'Holding Her Back'We got the scoop on Justin Verlander putting a limit on this with girlfriend Kate Upton!
NO Bears Allowed: Little Bulldog Takes On 3 Bear Cubs! WATCHOMG! This little dog obviously does not realize he is out-sized AND out-numbered!
The Doggone Truth: Dogs Are Furry People!Do you think your dog understands everything you say, and is as smart or smarter than some people you know?
'Thank You Doggy' Today on 'National Dog Appreciation Day!' [VIDEO]Are you gonna show YOUR dog some extra appreciation today for all the unconditional love he or she gives YOU?
Do Your Treat Your Pet Like A 'Human' Family Member?You might think of cats and dogs as merely faithful companions but research shows that we are starting to treat them more and more like humans.I'm not gonna lie, I treat my three dogs like 'family' and they really are like my 'furry kids!' I used to dress them up for Halloween, mostly to see the joyful reaction the kiddies who were trick-or-treating, but I could tell that Priscilla pictured here in her Princess costume hated it, so I stopped doing it!
The Dog Food Commercial That Will Make You Cry! [Touching VIDEO]Who would cry while watching a dog food commercial? I did, and it would be super hard to not be incredibly touched by the relationship between this old man and his dog. It did not help that the old man and even his little white dog looked much like my Dad who just passed away 2 months ago. My Dad's best friend was his sweet little "Punky" who was his constant companion and kept him company after he lost his beloved wife of over 50 years to cancer. Any sentimental dog lover will LOVE this video, even if it is a tear jerker!
Dangerous Easter No-No's With Pets In The House!If you have pets and plan to do some Easter stuff this week, remember that Easter decorations, candy and pets don't mix! Veterinarians say the shiny grass typically used to decorate Easter baskets shouldn't be used because pets sometimes try to eat it and can't digest it. The blades can get stuck internally and cause a blockage in the intestinal tract. Other things to keep out of reach of pets include...
Our Featured Pets Of The Week! Meet Paris And Sadie!
Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think!Anyone who owns a dog will attest that dogs are super smart, and with repetition and lots of love and rewards, can learn just about anything! I thought it was super cool, training my little Yokies to 'ring a bell' by the door when they wanted to go outside and go potty. It only took a week or two for them to catch on, and they still ring the bell when nature calls! Academic Brian Hare, who founded Duke University’s Canine Cognition Center, has published a book about what’s really going on behind their doggie stares, titled The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think.

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