Grocery Shop Online With Amazon!It’s another sign of Amazon taking over the world as they attempt to change how we go to the grocery store.
Mirrors On Grocery Carts To 'Guilt' You Into Healthier Food Choices?Could you look yourself in the eye, then load your grocery cart up with Twinkies, root beer and ice cream bars? No, literally. In an attempt to get us to buy healthier food, physicians and grocers are advocating for placing mirrors on shopping carts. Good idea...or not?
Save Money By Avoiding Grocery Store 'Placement Trick' I joke around that I am a 'top-shelf' kind of girl! But that applies to liquor, not groceries. I am all about saving money, and I buy my Kroger brand products over name brand products 99.5% of the time! Finding out that all grocery stores employ a whole arsenal of clever tricks in an effort to get you to buy more stuff than what is on your list, makes being aware of these tricks important. When you walk down the aisles, you should know that the way products are arranged on shelves is very strategic! Wanna save money? Check this out...
Why We Tend To 'Overspend' At The Grocery Store!If you have ever gone to the grocery store and come out with more than you thought you would, you are not alone! Every single detail of your shopping experience—the placement of every shelf, box, sign, and restroom; the background music; color of paint on the wall; words the staff use to greet you—is a precisely orchestrated merchant-customer dance designed to achieve maximum sales results. And it all starts with bigger shopping carts. Just as people tend to eat more if it's piled onto a larger plate, they're more likely to spend more trying to fill a bigger shopping cart.
Do Men Really Need A Special "Man Isle" At The Grocery Store?Men and women are so different is so many ways. Even when it comes to grocery shopping and the things men buy, versus what women buy. Maybe that is why sometime last year, Procter & Gamble Co. was throwing around some crazy ideas of creating a grocery aisle specifically for men, apparently a brand new breed of consumers walking around grocery stores. The idea was to give the lonely male lost in a supermarket a fun shopping experience, putting everything a man's man would need in one place. So what would a 'man isle' look like....
Free Grocery 'Home Delivery?'
What Happens When You Go To The Grocery Store 'Hungry?'

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