Family Vacation Or Big Screen TV? Experiences With Family Are Better Than Things!Psychologists say that spending your cash on designer clothes or the latest gadgets might give you instant gratification, but it’s experiences that will make you happier in the long-run. Family vacation or big screen TV.....what will YOU choose?
'Little Surprises' That Can Make Life Much Happier!Surprises may be the key to everyday happiness. Two thirds of us say thoughtful gestures make our day. And more than half say that when someone does something nice for them, it makes them feel loved. Like last night, when our daughter surprised my husband with a bouquet of sunflowers (his favorite!) on a 'surprise visit' to celebrate his birthday!
Happiest & Most Stressed Ages For WomenLife is full of ups and downs, and most of the bad times are simply the phases of life that we all go through. But there is a correlation between a woman's age and level of confidence and happiness. When you are young and carefree, obviously there are less 'stress factors' than when you are married and raising children, and oftentimes juggling a career at the same time! So what are the 'happiest and most stressful' ages in general for us ladies?
Laughing At Yourself Really Helps!Are you really, truly capable of laughing at yourself? If so, a new study suggests that it's a good sign that you have an optimistic personality and a good sense of humor. Researchers say that those who are really able to laugh at themselves are more cheerful and less serious than people who fake it.
Happiness Depends On 'Location-Location-Location!'People who feel satisfied with their community are physically healthier than those who are dissatisfied or feel their city is becoming a worse place to live. Location can determine opportunities for exercise, for example, as well as what foods we eat. Are you happy in your current location?
Fake Smile Is Better Than No Smile At All!You've heard the saying, "fake it till you make it" right? Well that applies to smiling too! A fake smile might be better for you than no grin at all. Researchers at the University of Kansas discovered that if you were told to hold a facial position similar to smiling - whether you knew you were supposed to be grinning or not - you will have a lower heart rate after a stressful situation. Experts say that it's almost impossible to be really angry or really stressed with a smile on your face. Try this little experiment and see what happens...
We're Happy And We Know It!Most of us are happy with our lives and don't think money made us that way. That is how I feel, all the way! But the majority also think rich people earned what they have by working for it. A new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that just 20% of American Adults are not happy with how their lives are going. But two-out-of-three (66%) disagree and are happy with their lives. Thirteen percent (13%) are not sure. I am happy because I am surrounded by awesome family and friends and we share the same zest for life, and major gratitude! I'm happy and I know it, how about you?
Summer Love: Stone's Secrets To Staying Happy!
Who Is Happier? Night Owls Or Morning People?Night owls often wake up for work or school with a scowl on their faces and wishing for an IV drip of coffee, while morning people come skipping in 15 minutes early. However, morning people aren't chipper just as the sun is coming up; they are happier and more satisfied with life overall, according to a new study. I am cracking up at the results of this study, because I am a TOTAL 'morning person,' while the majority of people I know are the 'night owls' that I drive crazy! I do wake up early and HAPPY every single day! Even on vacation...
A Friendly Smile Goes A Long Way!Next time you're out walking about, you may want to give passers-by a smile, or at least a nod. Recent research reveals that these tiny gestures can make people feel more connected. And honestly, it will make you feel good too! People who have been acknowledged by a stranger feel more connected to others immediately after the experience than people who have been deliberately ignored. The pain of being ignored is psychological, but it can also extend to the physical. Studies have linked loneliness to a weakened immune system and a hardening of the arteries. Try this little experiment, for one day, even one hour while you are somewhere like a mall where there are a ton of people, try to look everyone you pass eye to eye and smile at them. You will be surprised how many people WILL smile back at you too!
'Give It Up' & Be Happier! Get your mind outta the gutter! When I said 'give it up' I meant something else entirely! When we think about how to create more happiness, we typically look for things add to our lives. However, sometimes the key to happiness is actually giving something up. Here are a few things to give up in order to become happier individuals.
Happiest People Are The 'Old Folks!'

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