Help Choose New Ice Cream Flavor Tonight at Treat Dreams!You're invited to Treat Dreams in Ferndale tonight to help choose a brand new ice cream flavor!
Stupid News-- Man Loses 32 Pounds Eating Only Ice Cream for 100 DaysHe ate only ice cream for 100 days and he still lost weight...
Free Cone Day 2014 At Ben & Jerry's In DetroitToday is Free Cone Day 2014 and that means you are getting free ice cream! Customers will be able to go to Detroit’s Ben & Jerry location to get a free scoop of ice cream in a cone today from noon to 8 p.m.
More People Are Obsessing Over Weight & Calories!A lot of us worry too much about the calories in our morning latte, or an occasional ice cream cone. In fact, the average woman spends almost one entire year of her life obsessing about calories and fretting about her weight! That is crazy...and it sure does not help when celebrities like Gwynette Paltrow say that they 'cheat on their diet' with a 120 calorie latte either! How unrealistic is that? Surprisingly, men are not far behind in the calorie obsession...
Do You Have A 'Guilty Pleasure?'It’s hard to imagine a beautiful actress or gorgeous actor pigging out on fast food or digging into a decadent dessert. But celebrities are human — and they do step away from their strict diets every now and then to nibble on French fries or crunch on candy. My guilty pleasure used to be peanut M&M's, but after getting really sick, I am no longer allowed to have nuts, seeds or corn. That's OK though, because I am still able to have ice cream, my second favorite 'dietary downfall!' What is your guilty pleasure?
A Picture Is All It Takes To Set You Into 'Binge Mode'Well maybe this explains why sometime I get an overwhelming urge to stop on the way home from work and get some sort of dessert, like cake, chocolate or ice cream for our after dinner treat !Just glancing at a photo of a rich and gooey chocolate cake can set your brain circuits sparking. Researchers found that when people stare at sugary treats, regions of the brain known to be involved in appetite control and pleasure and reward light up.
A Perfect Dessert For A Wonderful Memorial Day
Can You Snack Guilt Free?
Yeah! Finally Good News About Eating What You Love Most!
Volunteers Get FREE Ice Cream!
Skinny Lil' Whitney Duncan Reveals Ice Cream Obsession!

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