iPad Used To Create Super Realistic Painting [Video]This photo has been passed around the internet for a few weeks now, and it's making headlines because of how realistic it is. Do you believe this photo of Morgan Freeman is real? Watch the video of the painting being made!
'Top 3 Status Symbols' In 2013Back when my Mom was a kid, she tells me that having a television set in your home was the biggest 'status symbol.' When I was growing up, our family was pretty popular in the neighborhood, and I think that having a pool in our backyard was somewhat of a 'status symbol' too! Things are much different today, with a recent study finding an eclectic mix of items used to judge success and wealth in 2013. Here are the 'top 3 status symbols' in 2013 and also the FIRST thing that people use to 'gauge your status' these days.
Will The iPad Soon Replace School Textbooks?Economically speaking, this really could be far more cost effective in the long run. Schools without textbooks could become reality in New York City, where they are floating an idea to instead use iPads or tablets in all 17,000 public school. That would put the city in step with hundreds of other school systems across the country, where books and paper have gone away. Imagine how much cheaper it would be for college students too, if they could cheaply download a textbook instead of paying a fortune for even a 'used' book!
More People Suffering From 'Device Addiction'You'd think those who work in Silicon Valley, of all places, would want you to be dependent upon your smartphones and tablets—but increasingly, those in the tech industry are actually worried about our growing addiction to our devices. It really drives me crazy when I am hanging out with my friends and they are so busy posting crap on Facebook, answering and sending texts, and checking email, that they practically ignore the REAL people that they are with, giving more attention to their phone instead! How about you?
Luke Bryan Gets His Momma An iPad
What Is The Most Popular Gadget Ever?There are so many cool gadgets out right now. I mean, I have a ton of them including the newest iPhone, an iPad and a big screen TV! And with a ton of people "keeping up with the Jones'," I would think one of those is the MOST popular gadget ever. But I was wrong!
'Hand Me Down' iPads?
Play With Your Cat On The iPad
[Funny Video] Animals Love Playing With iPhones Too!
Another Day, Another Celebrity Kicked Off A Flight!
One Year Old Girl Works iPad But Not Magazine
One App To 'iRule' Them All

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