Three Keys To Spotting A LiarIf you think that someone is feeding you a line of dog-doo, here are a few tell tell-tale signs when someone is lying!
Lying To Land A Job?The truth never changes and the truth is: 'one lie will lead to another' too! When it comes to lying on resumes, some people say the darndest things. One job applicant claimed he had won an Olympic medal, another was a "construction supervisor" whose experience was limited to assembling a doghouse. Resume 'whoppers' are not uncommon...and tell us about the biggest lie you ever told or heard when someone was applying for a new job!
'Little White Lies' To The Kids Most parents tell lies to their children as a tactic to change their behavior. A new study suggests that the most frequent example was parents threatening to leave children alone in public unless they behaved. You know, pretending to a child that they were going to walk away and leave the child to his or her tantrum. Or maybe out of frustration, say what my Dad would on a long car trip with 6 squirmy kids, fighting in the backseat" "If ya'll don't settle down, I will stop this car and you will all get out and WALK home!" False promises 'if you behave' are not uncommon either! Are you guilty of telling your kids 'little white lies?'
Lying Is Killing UsWe tell one lie, sometimes two, every day, sharing an average of 11 untruths per week. We tell lies to avoid hurt feelings, or we embellish to make a story more interesting. But whether it’s a white or boldface lie, all these fibs harm our health. So it may be true...lying is killing us! Is lying to spare someones feeling OK?
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