#PumpkinButt is Trending with Parents on InstagramSome say it's cruel, others say it's cute! You be the judge...
Celebrate The Stuff That Matter Most With Your Kids!When your kid gets straight As, it’s cause for a celebratory dinner out, right? When they win a baseball game, there are loud cheers from the bleachers. But when that same kid helps an elderly neighbor with yard work, is there any kind of fanfare?
What Do You Think: Is It OK To Spank Your Kids?
Tim McGraw Learns Important 'Life Lesson' From Daughters!Parents are supposed to set the example for their children, and teach them all the important stuff, like manners and the difference in right and wrong. Tim McGraw admits that he has learned and continues to learn one very important lesson from his daughters. Managing and parenting 3 teenage daughters is no easy task, but thanks to his girls, the lesson he has learned makes his job easier too! Listen here to Tim tell us what he has learned from his 3 girls....
Mom's 'Thrift Store Punishment' For Daughter Who Was Bullying Others At SchoolWhen a Utah mom discovered her 10-year-old was teasing a classmate about her unfashionable clothes, she turned the tables on her daughter Kaylee. After seeing Kaylee showed zero remorse for her bullying, her mom Ally scoured a local thrift shop for the most unflattering outfits she could find, and then forced Kaylee to wear the clothes to school for the next two days....
Not Always Easy 'Practicing What You Preach!'It's not always easy to 'practice what you preach!' A Michigan judge recently proved his determination to stick to the letter of the law after he fined himself for contempt after his cell phone went off during trial! When it comes to parenting though, it is not always so easy. Did your parents, or do YOU as a parent always 'practice what you preach?'
Is Being A Parent REALLY A Full Time Job?
Jukebox Jury: Do Kids Need Their Own Music?
Are You Really A Good Parent?
'Parenting While Texting' Can Be DangerousI guess you could call the 'Distracted Parenting' and is a sign of our times! This mom here seems oblivious to her son pulling his sisters hair while she is talking on the phone! And all moms know, when you are not paying attention, and your kids know you are on the phone, that is when they take advantage of you being 'distracted' to do things they know they should not be doing.When mom is 'parenting while 'texting,' small kids can easily get hurt too. New study shows that the number of kids who are injured while with their parents is on the rise, and sell phones could be to blame!
'Top 10 Parenting Lessons' Otherwise Learned The Hard Way!When you have a baby, you don't get a 'parenting manual' to take home from the hospital with your newborn. For most new parents, myself included, taking care of a baby is a baptism by fire! Once you get through the 'baby phase' the REAL fun begins as you learn how to deal with a toddler, in the 'terrible two's' when most kids favorite word is "NO!" So this list of the 'top 10 parenting lessons' that many parents had to learn the hard way, may come in handy and help you to avoid the 'bad things that can happen to good parents!' The 'top 10' things to remember are...
Do You Have Any Regrets As A Parent?

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