Who's Smarter? Dogs or Cats? Science Finally Has the Answer!Could this finally end the debate of who's the better animal?
Another Reason Dogs Are Better Than Cats!Do you agree with this new study or not? See more here...
Is 'Pet Insurance' Really A Good Idea?I say YES, pet insurance is a good idea! As the owner of 3 dogs, I'll tell you why...
Do Your Treat Your Pet Like A 'Human' Family Member?You might think of cats and dogs as merely faithful companions but research shows that we are starting to treat them more and more like humans.I'm not gonna lie, I treat my three dogs like 'family' and they really are like my 'furry kids!' I used to dress them up for Halloween, mostly to see the joyful reaction the kiddies who were trick-or-treating, but I could tell that Priscilla pictured here in her Princess costume hated it, so I stopped doing it!
'Borrow A Puppy' Service For Those Who Are Too Busy To Get Their Own!Need some puppy love but can't keep a dog of your own? Believe it or not, there is now an online service where you can 'borrow a puppy; for the day! Then you can have your own puppy to play with, take to the park, get all the attention that a little puppy brings and get a whiff of that adorable 'puppy breath' too! But would YOU let a stranger borrow your dog?
Chuck Finally Brings Home His German Shepherd Puppy 'Bear!'
1000 'Likes' On Facebook & Kids Get The Cat They Want!After his 7-year-old son kept bugging about getting him a cat, Dan Urbano told his children they could get one if 1,000 people liked their photo on their mother Marisa’s Facebook page. Take a guess how long it took for the 2 adorable kids to get 1,000 likes on Facebook?
Considering Getting A Pet? Consider This!Having a pet can be the most rewarding thing ever! Before I got my first dog Elvis, 10 years ago, I spent a long time researching dog breeds to help me pick the right breed for me and my family. Owning a pet is a huge commitment, and one you need to consider carefully. There are quite a few additional expenses you will incur once you decide on the perfect pet for you and your family. In addition to food, you will need different supplies for each different pet you have and there can be costly vet bills to consider too. So if you are considering getting a pet, make sure you are aware of what it will cost you to take care of your news best friend first! Here is a list of pets and what expenses you can expect...
Fido On Facebook!Does your dog have his or her own Facebook page? Perhaps it will come as no surprise that the number of pets using social media has soared over the past year. According to a new study by pet insurer Petplan, there's been a 36% increase in the number of pet owners creating Facebook and Twitter accounts for their animals in the last 12 months. One of my favorite late night TV talk show hosts, Chelsea Handler, created a Facebook & Twitter page for her beloved dog "Chunk!" Much as I love Chelsea, I have not 'friended' or 'followed' her dog!
Should All Exotic Pets Be Illegal?
Odds Are Pretty Good For Finding A 'Lost Pet'This is my worst nightmare....the thought of losing one of my precious little Yorkies! Elvis, Priscilla and her baby Miracle have ran out our front door, and went running down our street too many times to count. We are too afraid to simply wait for them to come back home, so we always go running after them, until we find them. Our biggest fear is that they would be hit by a car, because they are so small, and a driver might not even see them until it was too late. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a pet run away, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says to hold out hope! There’s a great chance that you’‘ll find them....
Pets Eat The Darndest Thing

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