Did Florida Georgia Line Go Too Far With Prank?We would NOT be happy if someone did this to us!
Brad Paisley Talks Big Prank He Pulled On Blake Shelton: Sorry For The Smell Dude!Brad Paisley reflects back on the greatest prank he EVER pulled on Blake Shelton!
WYCD Morning Show Pranks Frank Williams Jr.Frank Williiams Jr thinks he deserves a statue from the ACM's. Chuck, Rachael and Grunwald have other ideas...
Chase Bryant Gets 'LUKED' By Edwards & Lee! [LISTEN]Chuck Edwards will use every opportunity he can, to hone his Luke Bryan impersonation skills and pull a prank on an unsuspecting Luke Bryan fan. Armed with inside info that Chase Bryant was a big Luke Bryan fan, Chuck Edwards put his 'prank' plan in motion...
OMG! Scary & Creepy Car Wash Prank [VIDEO]There is already something a little spooky about going through a car wash, or maybe it's just me. I always feel 'on edge' and powerless, a little afraid that somehow it will malfunction and the car ahead or behind me will hit my car when there is nothing I could do to prevent it. After watching this super scary & creepy car wash prank, I might be washing my own car from now on! I would FREAK OUT if this happened to me...watch the video here!
Scary 'Devil Baby Prank' On New Yorkers Goes Viral! [Video Here]Let me set the record straight right off the bat: This is NOT a real baby. It's a remote-controlled, animatronic creation that was created to promote the upcoming movie "Devil's Due." A creative PR firm used this 'Devil Baby' to 'prank' and surprise random New Yorkers, and their hidden and videotaped reactions has become a viral internet sensation. WARNING: This is NOT a video you want the kids to see, and it may give adults nightmares too. Watch the 'prank video' here....if you dare!
Teachers In Hot Water After Pranking Students
Prank Your Friends With This Creepy 'Ghost Capture' AppMaybe you already believe in ghosts, and maybe you don't. One thing is for sure, our WYCD webmaster Nanci and her son took these photo's from her granddaughter Addi's 1st birthday party which was held in a banquet room at a hotel where she lives in California, and these photos have not been doctored up or retouched at all. Nanci sent me these pictures today, and when you look closely, you can CLEARLY see the GHOST image of a little girl under the fire extinguisher!
Taylor Swift Gives Free Tickets To School For The DeafThe singer also donated $10,000 to its music program to the Boston school after they were the subject of a 4chan prank.
Man Pranks His Sleeping Wife
Did Jake Owen Just Cut All His Hair Off?Well, did he or didn't he? The singer known for his bare feet, blue jeans, rugged good looks, and dangling dark locks just may have had more than a simple barbershop trim.
Walmart Shopper Super Glued To Toilet

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