Are You A 'Smart Pillow' Away From A Good Nights Sleep?Have you ever been woken up by your spouse’s snoring? A 'smart pillow' could put an end to that as it can gently push a snorer into a new position to stop their snoring or wake them up gently – and that leaves you to sleep in peace. OMG! I have to get one of these, how about you?
More Light + More Sleep = Less Drugs!The struggle to get more and better sleep seems never-ending for many of us. In 2012, 60 million Americans filled prescriptions for sleeping pills. That’s up from 46 million in 2006. Not only are a lot of these sleep medications addictive, many are super bad for your long term health. Getting enough sleep is very important, so these 'drug-free' tips to a better nights sleep is something to at least think about trying....
The 'Eight Hour Myth'Well this sure is great news for people like me, who never get 8 hours of sleep each night! While my husband claims he is a total wreck unless he gets a full eaight hours of sleep, I have been doing just fine by getting 6 hours on a good night! The Sleep Council says just one in ten of us always gets a good night's rest and recent studies have shown people who sleep for six to seven hours a night live the longest! More on the 'eight hour myth' here....
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Sleeping Single In A Married Bed!
1:41 AM, Naked, Tired, And Weightlifting?!
Does Your Pet Keep You Up At Night Like Mine?
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