Your Smartphone Knows When You're Depressed?You may be able to fool friends and family with that fake smile, but your phone can tell if are depressed. And there's not an app to fix it either, it's up to YOU!
Phones Are Now Affecting Relationships In A Bad Way!I can totally relate to this! My husband and I got new 'smartphones' almost a year ago, and at first we both hated them. We were both used to just using a phone to call or text people, not go on the internet, check Facebook and Twitter. While this new technology allows us to be constantly connected to the world, but it can also make us even more disconnected from each other. Studies suggest that cell phones can distract our attention from the present moment. Like paying attention to our spouse or significant other! Is that happening in your relationship?
How To Keep Your Phone Charged Longer!It took a few months for me to get used to my new smartphone, and learn how to operate it. Truth is I hated it at first, but now I love it. But I do have issues with the battery draining all the time and I did not know that there are some 'power-draining' things we can avoid and make the battery last longer. Check out these two great tips to keep your phone charged longer without constantly plugging it in to re-charge all the time!
Cell Phone Etiquette Tips A cellphone may not only cause problems with loved ones or friends, but a new small study suggests it can actually get in the way of forming new relationships. Even the mere presence of a cell phone on the table can have a negative effect on a face-to-face conversation, according to research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Researchers found that a cellphone could get in the way of building intimacy in a relationship while putting your phone away could communicate you're really tuned in. Mobile phones may draw your attention away from social interactions in the present to conversations they could be having if they used their phones. Here are some pretty good 'cell phone etiquette tips'....
Are You Becoming A 'Nomophobic?'Let's face it, we have become addicted to our cell phones. Now with the 'smartphone' where we can make calls, pay bills, listen to music and even get GPS turn by turn directions when we are lost! No wonder more people are completely freaked out at just the thought of not having access to their phone. A recent study sponsored by SecurEnvoy has found that since 2008, the amount of people who fear being without a mobile phone has grown from 53 percent to 66 percent. They even have a name for this new 'paranoia' and it's called "nomophobia!'
Is Your Phone A 'Buzzkiller?'It seems I am not alone in feeling like I am 'competing' with a phone for my husbands attention every night! For lots of people, just the sight of a phone can dampen your good time with friends and family. At least that’s the finding of a new study that looked into how cell phones affect our interpersonal interactions, showing that simply having a phone present can get in the way of our attempts to connect with each other. I personally think it is rude, when someone you are with ignores you to text, check messages or their Facebook page. Put the dang phone down and talk to the person sitting in front of you....
'Top 3' Things We Do With Our SmartphonesJust about everyone I know had a hard time getting used to a new 'smartphone' with all the new bells and whistles! Trying to make a phone call was a major challenge when I first got mine about a year ago! My husband hated his, and said he wanted to throw it out the window and get his old regular phone back! But he got used to his and now he can text, email check his Facebook and post pictures too! It probably wouldn’t surprise you that the majority of us who own a smartphone say that we could not live without them. It’s interesting what we tend to do with them....
Another Reason To Not Talk & Eat At Same Time!If you can't bear to let go of your smartphone, it may cost you. Last week, we found out that Eva Restaurant, a small eatery in Los Angeles, is offering customers a 5% discount for handing over their cell phones before dining. I personally think it's rude to answer and talk on your phone while you are sitting in a restaurant at the table. What do you think?
Auto-Correct Texting Embarrassments! Do you use the 'auto-correct' feature on your smartphone while texting? I do and it had led to some pretty funny texts that I sent without pre-reading before hitting send! Most of us are all too familiar with autocorrect snafus. They are embarrassing, hilarious, and frustrating when the text-prediction function on your phone keyboards send the wrong message to a friend or coworker. So what is the funniest or most embarrassing text you sent the was not corrected at all?
Most Annoying Smartphone StuffMy husband was furious and wanted to throw his new smartphone out the window when he first got it, insisting that he did not need 'all the bells and whistles' of a smartphone at all. He said his phone was for making phone calls, and the only other thing he would even attempt to do, would be to send a text. After about a month and once he got used to it, that all changed! Now he is constantly checking his Facebook and taking and sending pictures. When I get home from work and want to chat with his....I would have to pry the dang thing out of his hand to get his attention! I am not alone...the 'most annoying stuff' that people do on their smartphones are.....
More People Suffering From 'Device Addiction'You'd think those who work in Silicon Valley, of all places, would want you to be dependent upon your smartphones and tablets—but increasingly, those in the tech industry are actually worried about our growing addiction to our devices. It really drives me crazy when I am hanging out with my friends and they are so busy posting crap on Facebook, answering and sending texts, and checking email, that they practically ignore the REAL people that they are with, giving more attention to their phone instead! How about you?
My New Smartphone Makes Me Feel Like A Dum-Dum!I have been ripped on by all my coworkers here at WYCD for at least a year now, as the 'only one' who did not own a 'smartphone.' But I didn't care if I was the butt of their jokes, my frugal side said "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," and my 6 year old Verizon LG phone worked perfectly fine....until last week! I spilled a cup of water on 'old trusty' and it was on the fritz, not working properly and I knew it was gonna flat out die, and sooner than later too! So I caved in and ordered a new 'smartphone' and now I am feeling like a total dum-dum! I like to think of myself as pretty sharp, but this phone IS smarter than me for sure! Am I the only one who feels this way?

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