8 Things A Guy Really Means When He Doesn’t Answer Your Texts
How Often Do You 'Talk' To Your Grown Kids?No, it's not just your kids! A new poll from Gallup confirms that young people really, really like texting — and barely ever use a landline telephone. I used to hate texting, rarely answering ones I received, would simply call back and talk instead! But that was then and this is now...
Will 'Public Shaming' Work?Imagine if you were caught on this 'candid camera!' Brian Singer is on a mission to make roads safer. The San Francisco man has purchased 11 billboards around the city where he will place blown up images of photos he has taken of people texting while driving!
Texting Brings The Family Closer Together?Texting gets a bad rap for keeping us from having face to face conversations but a new study reveals texting may actually help tighten the family bond! I for one am surprised by this 'new study' that say the exact opposite of what I thought. It drives me CRAZY when my kids are sitting with us either visiting, or having dinner and they whip out their phones...
Beware Of Parents With 'Bad Driving Habits'Here is another example of 'do as I say, not as I do' parenting! Parents with teenagers hope, pray, and preach the dangers of texting while driving, but a new study suggests many parents are guilty of multitasking behind the wheel. They may not be texting, but they are certainly driving distracted...
'Talk-To-Text' Really Is Not Safe While DrivingThe voice recognition software option on most new cell phones was designed to make texting safer but it may actually be doing more harm than good. I can't argue with this eiter, as I use the 'voice-to-text' feature on my smart phone, but not while driving because it seems to be even MORE distracting. Once you speak, you have to look at the phone to see what it typed for you, defeating the purpose completely! You agree?
'Top 3' Things We Do With Our SmartphonesJust about everyone I know had a hard time getting used to a new 'smartphone' with all the new bells and whistles! Trying to make a phone call was a major challenge when I first got mine about a year ago! My husband hated his, and said he wanted to throw it out the window and get his old regular phone back! But he got used to his and now he can text, email check his Facebook and post pictures too! It probably wouldn’t surprise you that the majority of us who own a smartphone say that we could not live without them. It’s interesting what we tend to do with them....
More People Suffering From 'Device Addiction'You'd think those who work in Silicon Valley, of all places, would want you to be dependent upon your smartphones and tablets—but increasingly, those in the tech industry are actually worried about our growing addiction to our devices. It really drives me crazy when I am hanging out with my friends and they are so busy posting crap on Facebook, answering and sending texts, and checking email, that they practically ignore the REAL people that they are with, giving more attention to their phone instead! How about you?
Things Can Get Freaky When Your Phone 'Auto-Corrects' Your Texts!Times are changing...and now everything seems to be 'mobile,' as in using your mobile phone! A new study has found that women are more likely than men to send longer text messages and type out "I love you" when texting, perhaps in an attempt to deepen relationships. The report also reveals that while men are more likely to text a larger number of contacts — 17, on average while women are more likely to text the same 13 people over and over again. Those women are about 41 percent more likely to send longer text messages, though, and about 54 percent more likely to write "I love you." Things can get really interesting when you start using the 'voice to text' feature....
Ask In A Text If You Want The 'Honest Truth'The next time you want an honest answer from someone, you might want to try texting them rather than talking to them. People are more likely to tell the truth in a text message than in a voice interview, according to researchers at the Institute for Social Research. We are beginning to get so accustomed to texting that we are finding it easier to tell the truth through these forms of communication, as opposed to having a conversation with someone.
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