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Millennial Apologizes For Her Rude, Lazy & Entitled Generation! VIDEOAlexis Bloomer takes it upon herself to apologize to 'The Elders' for her entire 'Millennial Generation' in this now VIRAL video!
[VIDEO] Epic Radio Prank Goes Viral!Why didn't we think of this!? You have to watch the hilarious radio prank WE wish we would have thought of...
Twin Babies 'Fake Sleeping' When Mama Busts Them On Video Monitor! [Hilarious VIDEO]Kids and even babies can be so funny....and so sneaky too! This video is less than 30 seconds of pure comedy!
3 Hot Girls' Amazing 'Lip Sync Medley' in Car From '50s to Present! [VIDEO]Put three hot girls in a car and LOOK what happens!
Little Boy Freaks After Stepping in Dog Poop! [VIDEO]If you think that you're having a 'crappy day'...it could be worse! WATCH this little boy here in this viral video that my friend sent me of her little nephew totally freaking out after stepping in dog poo in his backyard!
OMG! This Dog's Got Talent! [FUNNY VIDEO]Of course I think that my three dogs are the smartest and funniest little dogs on earth, but after watching this video maybe I need to work on some new tricks with my mini-dog pack! Jaxson is a 4-year-old German Shepherd who seems to enjoy my favorite dance club song as much as I do!
Real & Mean Things Kids With 'No Filter' Say To Mom! [Viral Video]Kids say the darnedest things, with basically 'no filter' until they are taught what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to say to people. And moms are usually the target of a child's brutal honesty, and every mom has at least one story of something awful that their own child said to them! Check out this moms viral video of some of the real & man things her own daughter said to her which has become the promo of her upcoming book...
'Redneck Road Rage' With Instant Karma! [Viral Video]Instead of engaging a man who was tailgating her on a Florida highway, this woman who goes by "Florida Driver" on YouTube, whipped out her iPhone and caught the road rage incident on video. Watch this video which has gone viral due to the surprise ending when he ends up crashing his truck after driving alongside of her with his 'one finger salute!' If you need yet another reason to NOT engage another driver who has road rage, check this out...
Hidden Camera Catches Dog Where He Shouldn't BeOne smart dog owner decided to put a hidden camera in their home to see if their dog, who isn't allowed on the bed, was following the rules when they aren't home. Check out the hilarious video below.
Video: Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Are Feeling 22!
"Ho Hey" By Nashville's 'Lennon & Maisy Stella' Goes Viral! [VIDEO]You know Lennon and Maisy Stella as the actresses who play Maddie and Daphne Conrad, the talented daughters of Rayna James (Connie Britton) on ABC's Nashville. The girls, at the tender ages of 13 and 9, are also incredibly talented young singers. Watch the girls sing "Ho Hey" on this viral YouTube video which has already been watched over 1 million times in just a few weeks!
Milford High School Student Suspended For 'Vulgar' Harlem Shake [Video]When a bunch of boys who attend Milford High School decided to film a parody video of the "Harlem Shake," what they were hoping for was a viral YouTube video of the latest internet dance craze. What they got instead was a 5-day school suspension for lying to a teacher who let them into a classroom after hours, to film what school officials are calling a 'vulgar video' on school grounds.

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