At Home Exercises To Kick-Off Spring!The official first day of spring is this Thursday, but why not just get started a few days earlier! If you are like me, the winter weight is hanging around your mid-section, and you are ready to get the few extra pounds off. Here are a few at home exercises that you should be doing that might help you with not only feeling better, but get a few extra pounds off!
Will These Tips REALLY Help Us Lose Weight?I try, more often than I would like to admit, to lose weight. I've tried fad diets. I've tried extreme exercise. But it seems like whatever I try leads me to giving up sooner than I would have hoped. While I get the weight off, a lot of time it goes right back on. But I have found a few tips that make perfect sense, and I don't know what I never thought this!
Would You Rather Gain Weight Or Be In Debt?
Does Size REALLY Matter?
More People Are Obsessing Over Weight & Calories!A lot of us worry too much about the calories in our morning latte, or an occasional ice cream cone. In fact, the average woman spends almost one entire year of her life obsessing about calories and fretting about her weight! That is crazy...and it sure does not help when celebrities like Gwynette Paltrow say that they 'cheat on their diet' with a 120 calorie latte either! How unrealistic is that? Surprisingly, men are not far behind in the calorie obsession...
Would You Rather...?
LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Her Weight
Biggest Fears This Time Of YearEveryone partakes in a little overindulgence over Christmas but it seems that the aftermath of is really taking its toll on women. According to the latest research, the thought of stepping on the scales after the Christmas splurge is feared more by women than being dumped. But that is not the only thing that scares us at this time of the year. What people fear most in January is....
3 Nasty Habits Sabotaging Your Dieting Efforts!The holidays are probably the worst time to try and lose a few pounds. In fact, it is super easy to gain a few pounds during the period between Halloween and the new year! If you are trying to lose a few pounds, you may not realize that there are small actions that can add on a large amount of weight without you even realizing what you're doing wrong. The following are just a few nasty habits that could be making you gain weight....
Do I REALLY Need A Piece Of Candy?
The Downfall Of Stress
Can Fatty Foods Make You Thin?

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