Luke Bryan Faces Backlash Over Kangaroo Gift

January 2, 2018
We told you about Luke Bryan's unique Christmas gift to his wife, Caroline -- two baby kangaroos -- but over the weekend the country star got some backlash for his cute presents. Some fans are furious that Luke and his family would try to domesticate the animals by keeping them in their house, while others say the kangaroos belong in their mother's pouch in their native Australia. The couple has also been accused of animal abuse. One person wrote, “This is so wrong. Can u not see that they are wild animals and deserve to be in their own environment? Please do the right thing for them. They are not pets.” Another one added, “Young kangaroos are highly anxious animals and often don’t last long in the hands of people aren’t trained animal carers.” According to Us Weekly, PETA is calling for an investigation into where the kangaroos came from. The organization's Vice President Colleen O'Brien told the publication, “These joeys have complex needs, including specialized diets and room to roam. They are not toys and will only become more difficult to care for as they grow older.” The kangaroos will be the latest additions to Brett's Barn, a petting zoo of sorts dedicated to Caroline and Luke's late niece, Sadie Brett, who died at the age of seven months old in February. Brett's Barn now houses llamas, ponies, and other animals as a way of cheering up other children with illnesses. Brett's Barn sits on the Bryan's 150-acre farm located near Nashville.