Newly-Announced “Today” Co-Host Hoda Kotb Predicts A Blake & Gwen Wedding In 2018

January 3, 2018
Will 2018 be the year that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani tie the knot? Well, understandably the two stars haven’t said anything but there’s one person who believes it will happen and said so on morning television. The folks on “Today” were making their predictions for the new year during yesterday’s show, when newly-appointed co-host, and huge Blake fan, Hoda Kotb revealed her big prediction for the year. She noted, “My other prediction [for 2018] Carson, is that Blake and Gwen are going to get married.” The camera quickly panned to Blake’s “The Voice” host Carson Daly, who insisted he knew nothing, although he certainly had a telling look on his face. It was so obvious that Kathie Lee Gifford was heard telling him he was “a terrible liar.” Guess we’ll have to wait and see whether the prediction comes true, but regardless the pair certainly is having a great time together. In fact they spent the holidays together in Oklahoma, with Gwen posting video of them having a little fun on a frozen creek.
Source: Today