5 Tips to Save Money on Food!

January 4, 2018
By: Rob Stone Many people made it their New Years Resolution to save money in 2018. One of the things I noticed we spend way to much money on is food! We eat out a lot, we get delivery at work and almost every time we grocery shop, we end up with wasted food gone bad. Here are 5 tips to saving money on food! 5) Pay Cash. People who pay cash tend to spend less than those using a card. 4) Stop buying too much at the grocery store. The average American doesn't eat 20 percent of the food they buy and throws away $2,200 worth of food a year! 3) Share more, and order less when eating out. Many restaurants serve big portions, so split it up. 2) Eat out on special occasions. Let eating out be a celebration instead of a necessity. 1) Cut down on pre-prepared meals and delivery. Commit to takeout only once a week Good luck saving money this year!!! [polldaddy poll=9910381]