Betty White Reveals the Secret to a Long Happy Life!

January 8, 2018
By: Rob Stone Everyone has their own recipe for a long happy life, but you can't disagree with 95 year old Betty White. She's still a riot no matter what situation she's in. Betty White told Parade that her secret to a long, happy and healthy life is vodka and hot dogs, “probably in that order.” Isn't it funny that most extremely old peoples advice for a long life is normally something super unhealthy? “Enjoy life,” she added. “Accentuate the positive, not the negative. It sounds so trite, but a lot of people will pick out something to complain about, rather than say, ‘Hey, that was great!’  It’s not hard to find great stuff if you look," she said White turns 96 on January 17. Fun fact! That's also my mom and Kid Rock's Birthday!