Kelly Clarkson Is SO Excited To Meet Meryl Streep

January 10, 2018
Kelly Clarkson had a fangirl moment at the Golden Globes when she got to meet her idol Meryl Streep, and now she’s talking about the moment in the latest episode of her new web series “Minute + a Glass of Wine.” Kelly is still dressed in her Globes outfit for the clip, which means she shot it right after the award show. She also admits she’s a little tipsy (which is pretty evident) since they served a lot of wine at the event. As for the meeting, Kelly says Meryl was “really nice,” although she wasn’t sure the Oscar-winner actually knew who she was. Kelly also met Steve Carell, who infamously screamed out her name when he got his hair waxed in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” Kelly says she was “so excited” to meet the actor, noting that he and his wife were “lovely.”