*LIST* Foods We Hope Go Away In 2018

January 10, 2018
Every year has its own food trends, and 2017 was filled with ones that seem to have been created for the way they look and not so much for the way they taste. We’re all for a nice presentation, but the flavor of what we’re eating is much more important than the way it looks on Insta, which is why we’re ready to say bye-bye to these trendy foods in 2018.
  • Anything ‘Unicorn’ or ‘Rainbow’ - In 2017 we were subjected to all kinds of eats and drinks inspired by a mythical animal, everything from bagels to wedding cakes were unicorn last year. But Starbucks takes top prize with its Unicorn Frappuccino, which everyone wanted but no one actually liked the taste of.
  • Avocado-Bun Burgers - Sure, it’s low carb, but a whole avocado bun is just too much and it’s way too slippery to pick up.
  • Frosé - A cold glass of rosé on a hot day is one of life’s little pleasures, but sucking frozen wine through a straw? Not if you want it to taste good. Turns out turning wine into a slushie destroys the flavor.
  • Grotesquely Massive and Ornate Milkshakes - Places like Black Tap in New York take a classic milkshake over the top by serving it in an enormous vessel, topping it with everything from marshmallows to cookies, and they’re so huge, we doubt any ‘Grammers ever actually finished one.
  • LaCroix - These cans of sparkling water have been around for decades, but thanks to hipsters, now it’s the must-have accessory.
  • Matcha-Flavored Food - Matcha tea is healthy and earthy, but it’s not especially delicious, so neither are the foods - like macarons and beer - that are being flavored with it.
  • “Raw” Water - This is a fairly new trend, but we’re already ready to see it go. In case you haven’t heard, “raw” water is really just groundwater, river water, and water that doesn’t come out of the tap in your city and has been bottled without being treated. It’s also pretty pricey and may or may not contain extra nutrients or minerals, or give you a nasty case of tummy troubles.
  • Smoothie Bowls - Just keep your smoothie in a cup where it belongs.
  • Tiger Nuts - This healthy snack tastes like cardboard and they could back you up, so maybe don’t even bother with these.
  • Zoodles - When you want pasta, just eat spaghetti and let zucchini do what it’s good at, just being a vegetable.
Source: The Daily Meal