CVS Taking A Major Stand Against Re-Touched Photos

January 16, 2018
CVS is taking a stand against beauty products that lie to customers by using re-touched photos. The drug store chain just announced that not only are they banning photo manipulation in their store-brand makeup ads and displays, but any other makeup and beauty brands that use photo manipulation will branded with a warning label regarding the doctored images. The ban on re-touched photo for the store’s brand will go into effect in 2019, other suppliers, like Proctor & Gamble, L’Oreal, Maybelline, CoverGirl and more will have until 2020 to comply. If they don't, their products will get an icon with a “digitally modified” warning, advising customers of their deceipt. According to CVS Pharmacy President Helena Foulkes, displaying such “unrealistic body images” on products can lead to negative health issues for women, and considering 80% of the stores’ customers are women the move only makes sense. Foulkes notes, "To try to hold ourselves up to be like those women is impossible because even those women don’t look like how they appear in those photographs."
  • While you may think that companies would balk at being forced to get rid of altered images, Foulkes says they have been getting an “inspiring” response from their suppliers. Yeah, we'll believe it when we see it.
Source: USA Today