Five In Critical Condition, Two Dead After Kentucky School Shooting

January 24, 2018
Five people are still in critical condition and two are dead after a student opened fire inside a crowded atrium at Marshall County High School in Kentucky yesterday. At a news conference, State Police Commissioner Rick Sanders said a total of 17 people were injured, with 12 of those suffering gun shot wounds – the others were hurt while trying to escape. It’s been confirmed that one girl, identified as 15-year-old Bailey Nicole Holt, died on scene. A total of six people were taken to the hospital – of those, 15-year-old boy Preston Ryan Cope, died in the hospital. Police, the FBI and ATF are working the crime scene to uncover more evidence – and if they know what the motive is, they’re not saying. As for the suspect, he hasn’t been named because of his age, which is 15. Officials say he was captured at the scene and so far, faces two counts of murder, among other charges.
  • The key to the survival? As 16-year-old Alexandria Caporali sees it, drills. "No one screamed. It was almost completely silent as people just ran," she explains. She said most students knew what to do because they are drilled throughout the year on how to respond to an active shooter at school.