Pizza Hut Promises Free Pizza If This Super Bowl Record Is Broken

January 24, 2018
By: Nathan Vicar (WYCD) -- The battle between for the NFL Championship is weeks away and to gear up for the occasion Pizza Hut is promising free pizza, but there's a catch. If the record for the fastest touchdown is broken on game day you could get a free medium two topping pizza. To get in on the deal you must sign up for Pizza Hut's loyalty program before the game on February 4. Then you watch the game to see if the record is broken. The fastest touchdown record is currently held by Devin Hester who got a touchdown 14 seconds into Super Bowl XLI against the Colts. Pizza Hut also stresses that the fastest score must be a touchdown and not any other kind of score in order to get the free pizza. If you just want pizza for the game make sure to order early Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for pizza sales.