More And More Moms Relying On Booze To Deal With Their Stress

January 27, 2018
Being a mom is certainly stressful, and while it may be okay to have a glass of wine or two to calm your nerves after a crazy day with the kids, it seems a lot of moms out there don’t know when to stop. Addiction experts say more and more mothers are turning to the bottle to deal with the stress that comes with their crazy lives of raising kids and/or having a career. In fact, a recent study shows that the number of women who have more than four drinks a day rose 60% between 2002 and 2013. “Lots of people drink in response to stress, and mothers are not immune to feeling like an extra glass of wine will help them unwind at the end of the day,” Carrie Wilkens, co-founder and clinical director of the Center for Motivation and Change in New York, says. “If you’re getting together to drink, odds are, seven of those women will be fine, but there will be someone in the group [who’s] struggling.” And the media isn’t helping in the matter either, with movies like “Bad Moms" showing wine-swilling mothers. And there’s even a Facebook group, “Moms Who Need Wine,” with 738,000 members. “It’s almost this feminist thing, like ‘F - - k your role’ — like it’s a little rebellious,” single mom Laura McKowen, who’s been sober since 2014, says. “But it’s a joke that’s not funny.”
  • And it isn’t easy for moms to admit they need help, especially since many are worried about seeming like the perfect parent, and admitting to being an alcoholic can tarnish that. But in the end, moms who’ve been there know it’s something they need to do for their family. One former drinker notes it was, “the best gift I could possibly give them.”
Source: New York Post