Hooters to Give Free Wings if you do This...

February 7, 2018
By: Rob Stone
Who doesn't like free food? This Valentine's Day you could score at Hooters! They'll feed you extra free wings if you shred a picture of your ex on Valentine's Day.  Go to a Hooters restaurant and order 10 boneless wings. If you bring in a picture of your ex and rip it in half, cut it up or tear it into little pieces, they will give you 10 extra boneless wings.
The offer is good for Valentine's Day only for boneless wings and you can't tear up 5 pictures of your ex to get 50 wings. It's a one time deal per customer.  Sounds like a winner! Even if you don't have an ex, find a picture online, print it up and take it in. You can get some free wings! Boneless, that is.
Who wouldn't want to tear up a pic of their ex? Sounds like a win win situation to me!