Our Addiction To Smart Phones Triggers Dopamines

February 12, 2018
(WYCD) -- Research is telling us that we are addicted to our smart phones which is no surprise. Even animals get a rush when hearing noise from our phones, an example is my dog gets excited when our security camera notification sounds off in a phone app because indicates movement in my driveway which is usually another family member coming home. The dopamine dogs enact from smart phones also happen to us humans. The NPR report mentions that we check our phones "50 to 100" times a day. Psychologist David Greenfield, explains our addiction, "For example, every time you look at your phone, you don't know what you're going to find, how relevant or desirable a message is going to be. So you keep checking it over and over again because every once in a while, there's something good there." They also mention casinos use the same addiction technology, see more here.