Lawsuits Claim Ulta Is Reselling Used Makeup As New

February 15, 2018

By: Nathan Vicar (WYCD) -- Next time you shop at Ulta for makeup you may want to double check the packaging. Ulta Beauty is facing two new lawsuits that accuse them of re-selling returned cosmetics as new products. “The managers will take the used products out of the damaged bin and if they look good enough to resell they’ll put them back on the shelves and resell them so that they don’t exceed their quota,” said attorney Tom Zimmerman, who represents the woman who filed the lawsuit. These lawsuits come after a series of viral tweets of a woman who claimed she used to work for the company and talked about repackaging and reselling used products. The woman said the “last straw” for her was when a manager put a used liquid lipstick back on the shelf after cleaning it with alcohol.