Southgate Burger King in Hot Water After Porn Allegedly Plays On Restaurant TVs

February 21, 2018
By: Rob Stone A Burger King in Southgate is in hot water for showing a graphic sex scene in the dining room of the restaurant. Richard Avery took his two stepsons to the BK and said, "My oldest son said to my youngest son, 'Don't look up at the TV.' It almost seemed like a scripted pornographic film." Avery and his 7 and 8 year old sons saw a guy "fondling" a woman's breast and the guy was "thrusting on a woman." Other customers were taken aback. Avery asked workers to turn off the TV, but they just kept taking orders. Avery turned the TV off himself. Burger King has issued a statement saying this kind of content "does not reflect our brand. The franchisee is investigating this incident thoroughly." It obviously sounds like it was a prank by the workers, but what do you think should be the consequence for something like this?